Prone to Wander

A Letter to My Daughter

I’m sorry, daughter. This world you have just joined recently is upside-down.

But then, it has always been upside-down.

We are still a lost people.  People who claim to be one thing but are entirely another. People who lash out at anything that looks different because we are afraid. People who don’t know how to be brave and true men or women, so we hide from reality and consume all kinds of things that ultimately only leave us empty. People who are desperately placing our trust in all the wrong places.

But the people all around us are not our enemies. We have failed each other. We have not loved each other hard enough. We have not valued truth intensely enough. We have not educated one another soundly enough. And we should never stop fighting to clear a path through all the clashing, clanging noise for the small but mighty voice that is the truth.  

But this also means, little girl, that you will never fit in to this raucous, noisy confusing world that you have arrived into. You will never belong to it. I hope with all my heart that you never do.  My goal as a mother is to make sure that you turn out unusual. Strange. Different.

I hope that you are unusual because you reject hiding behind walls in order to get up close to look people in the eye and love them by serving them. I hope that you are strange because you can discern truth and take your time meandering through dusty old books to find it for yourself. I hope that you are different because you realize that your true hope and citizenship lies with a King in a far off kingdom that isn’t here on earth.

At some point in your life, you may hate me for wishing and praying these things for you. And I know this. But I am prepared for it. I know that being different is very hard. Very, very hard. Especially when you are young. But I feel certain that it is the best gift – and the best weapon – that I can give you.

My dear strange, unusual, different girl – no matter what comes our way – you are a child of God. No king or kingdom here on earth can claim you. I cannot even claim you. I pray that you will become a fearless light that will pierce the darkness and set many other lights ablaze.

No matter what comes next, hope is never lost, faith is never futile, and love is always the answer.

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