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Making MOO-SAIC: Cow Parade Austin 2011

Thanks to the incredible company I work for here in Austin (Bazaarvoice, also official winner of Austin’s “Best Places to Work” Award this year!), I have had quite a few opportunities to express myself creatively in the last year.

The International Cow Parade sensation is coming to Austin later this summer – hundreds of decorated, painted, and creatively posed cows will grace the streets of Austin for several months, and then many of them will get auctioned off for charity. And, as a sponsor of the event, Bazaarvoice will be submitting two cows to the “herd”!

Last month, we held an internal contest among employees and we submitted our ideas. I was pleasantly surprised that my idea was one of the two that was chosen! My concept is “MOO-SAIC” – an eclectic, colorful cow entirely covered in mosaic. To me, mosaic represents vibrant diversity and creativity – and I can’t think of a better statement about Austin or about the company I work for. The project will also be a true “community” art project – the cow itself will stay in an area of our office while we create it, and two nights a week, any employees who want to help create it can just show up and join in.

Personally, I’ve been doing mosaics for quite a number of years now… I basically taught myself immediately after a trip to Barcelona, where I was blown away by Gaudi’s masterpieces. When I met my husband a few years later, he had also recently – and serendipitously – started creating mosaics on tables and other things. It’s definitely an unusual hobby that we still share and enjoy.

I will document MOO-SAIC’s transformation here on the blog – here she is below, primed and factory-ready for the first step. It’s also worth mentioning that she’s also got her own Facebook fan page HERE, and her technologically savvy sister cow, also being worked on by a team inside Bazaarvoice, is called “User Generated Cow” (UGC)- check her out HERE. We’re looking forward to sharing our progress with you!








  1. Erika Medina

    Hi Amy, Do you remember me? I’m Erika from CUR in Mexico. I want to say I love your blog! You’ve been my inspiration to use again my own blog and practice a little my English. Many thanks. Regards.

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