Prone to Wander

Wildflower Interlude

On Saturday, Josh and I drove out to what is known as the “Willow City Loop” in the Texas Hill Country to check out the wildflowers and the scenery. We weren’t disappointed.

A favorite springtime activity of young parents in Texas is to dress their kids in matching outfits, load them up into the car and drive out to take a photo of them in the middle of a field of bluebonnets. Josh remembers doing this as a kid (and amazingly still imagines that we will want to make the same pilgrimage someday when we have kids). If you're a parent considering this type of torture, I recommend finding a field of bluebonnets closer to your house than the Willow City loop. I don't imagine that many little kids would be very happy about the long drive + sitting in a field + smiling/looking cute in your photo. ( Just a word to the wise… we saw some very disgruntled looking kids AND parents out on our wander.) However, Josh did end up getting me to pose in the picture below, and of course he was very happy about it.

I also got this cute picture of some black cows nuzzling together – one’s the mom, and one is the teenage son – he’s got little horns – not sure if you can see them in the photo.

Here are some other photos that we took the week before at the Austin Botanical garden in Zilker park. Spring is definitely here in Austin.

One comment

  1. LINA

    Hi Amy!! I love your pics they’re beautiful!! Josh should be in one too.
    I miss you guys, don’t forget me!! :’@ lol

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