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Reverse Culture Shock

texasI don’t think that “reverse culture shock” is really what we think it is. Sure, when I first arrived in Texas, I had thoughts like: “Wow! American food! Hamburgers! Shopping Malls! Big cars! Clean highways! Washers and Dryers and Dishwashers, Oh My! It’s easy to pay my bills! People get annoyed at waiting in lines! Chick-fil-a! Tex-Mex food! Double sinks! Everything is huge! Everything is expensive!” But most of those daily exclamations have passed by now.

What has remained is the nagging feeling that I’m not quite sure who I am in this culture just yet. In some strange way, it feels like moving to Mexico all over again, even though I’m in Austin. Most of my friends are in the Dallas area, so I’m trying to make new friends (which is hard, as everyone knows). I’m even learning a new language at work – all of those funny little acronyms and buzz words that people say to “save time” or to sound important. 🙂 I wonder often about how to “be myself” when I’m not quite sure if I remember who that is. Maybe she’s changed. I think she has. Hopefully I find her quickly, because all that wondering is driving me insane.


  1. I have been following your blog for quite some time, I think you start being yourself when you stop worrying about being someone else, it should be natural

    all the best,


  2. Diego

    I’m sure all of that is telling you something very important:
    Come back to México!
    Everybody misses you!
    Of course I won the contest of “who misses the güeritos more”. Jaja! I mean Haha!
    And by the way, Don’t blame all that wondering, you are already insane!
    Jajaja! Once again, I mean: Hahaha!
    You see! I started to say incoherencies after you left México. Wait a minute! What am I saying? I am insane too! That’s why we were good friends. Yeah!
    Well, of course you know I am kidding, don’t you? (about my insanity , you really are crazy! Ha!)

    Before this becomes a boring speech, I just want to say that I trust you. Don’t worry about “how to be yourself”, that person that says she is readapting is nobody else but Amy. She is learning something important in her life. She is growing up and I am proud of her. I remember when she was a little girl. (Ha! Sounds funny, right? But when you came to Mexico, You were like a child to me. I say it so because you were a little nervous, learning cultural facts, understanding what you should do or what you shouldn’t do, and so on. Just like a kid does!). Anyway, I know that you are strong and in a couple of months all Austing will be willing to be a Amy’s friend. Everybody will be trying to learn Amy’s phrases just to sound important. So, be yourself as you have always been!
    Wow! I guess I should have been a counselor. Ha!

    I am sorry for all this blabbing, I promise not to do it again… This week. Ha!
    Say Jelou to everybody there, even if you haven’t met them. And you know I wish you the best. Say ¡Qué tranza Carnalito! to Joshua as well.

    Your Mexican Friend,

  3. wow. so intriguing. i think because we’ll be going through the same in less than six months, and because you’ve summed up so nicely what I’ve been imagining our return will be like. I bet no one around you feels like you’re being as awkward as you might feel. keep us posted on the progress toward feeling normal again. or actually, maybe it will be a blessing to be able to hang onto just a bit of these abnormal feelings; you’ve got a unique perspective that could help you be a help to others…maybe? am I grasping for the positives that aren’t actually there? well, either way, love you, thinking of, and praying for you!

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