Prone to Wander

Seeing John Malkovich

Josh’s sister Sarah is in town visiting, so we took her to one of our favorite Saturday spots – the art and craft market in San Ángel, and a wonderful restaurant nearby with live salsa music at around noon. We sat down at the restaurant and began enjoying our lunch. Then, we had the following conversation:

Sarah: Is that guy at the table behind Josh famous?
Amy: Why?
Sarah: Well, somebody just came up to him and asked to shake his hand.
Amy: (Studying the wrong person at the table) Umm, I don’t know. I guess he looks like he could be important.
Sarah: No, that other guy.
Josh: I don’t know, but every once in a while I hear him talking, and he sounds a heck of a lot like John Malkovich.
Amy: Oh my gosh. That IS John Malkovich.

Also, I just saw this magazine cover at the supermarket. Seems like John Malkovich is everywhere these days!

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