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Day of the Dead 2008

Last year, I wrote quite a lot about the celebrations of Day of the Dead in Mexico City and at the UNAM. “Day of the Dead” is a celebration in Mexico intended to honor the dead. Some people actually believe that the dead come back on November 1 and 2 from the spirit world, and can find their families offerings of food and enjoy their favorite things from their lives on earth. But a larger majority of people view it as a holiday to remember the dead in memorial, and as an excuse to decorate things very colorfully. This year, over the first weekend of November, Josh and I went on an excursion to the state of Michoacán. The Day of the Dead celebrations there are famous and colorful (and traditionally celebrated), but the surroundings of the area are even more beautiful. We fell in love with beautiful Michoacán, and especially with the quaint towns around Lake Pátzcuaro.

Some pictures for you from our trip are below. Enjoy!

An “ofrenda” in Morelia.

The cathedral in Morelia at night.

Do skeletons like ice cream?

Just being silly!

A beautiful display in Morelia.

Sugar calaveras! I think the one with glasses is Harry Potter.

A colorful ofrenda in Pátzcuaro.

An accordion player in Pátzcuaro.

The Island of Janitzio, from Lake Pátzcuaro.

A traditional fisherman on Lake Pátzcuaro.

Musicians on our boat.

A video from the boat ride with beautiful scenery and some group singing!

Sunset on Lake Pátzcuaro.

A traditional Day of the Dead ofrenda in the cemetery on Janitzio Island.

A local boy from Janitzio, asking for a little money for his little pumpkin.

A traditional Day of the Dead ofrenda in the cemetery on Janitzio Island.

A local boy lighting a traditional ofrenda on Janitzio Island.

Beautiful countryside in Michoacán.

Beautiful countryside in Michoacán.


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