Prone to Wander

Chocolate-Covered Sandpaper

That’s how I would describe Ray LaMontagne’s voice – its so smooth and throaty but pleasantly gravelly. And he’s done it again – his recent release “Gossip in the Grain” is just as magnificent as “Trouble” and “Till the Sun Turns Black.” From rock to folk to blues, Ray’s just got SOUL.

“Let it Be Me” is currently my favorite song off of the new album. This is the best video I found on YouTube but you might need to pause and let it buffer for few minutes before listening… this one seems to be particularly slow.


  1. this is the perfect way to describe ray’s voice! it truly is a beautiful thing.

    did i mention i’m going to see him tonight? ’cause yeah… i’m totally going to see him tonight 🙂

    haha… hurry up and move back to dallas so you can go to shows with me!!

  2. So I was just listening to some folk-ish station on and there was a song on there and I was all like “holy crap this is great” and I looked and damned if it wasn’t Ray LaMontagne.


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