Prone to Wander


Last weekend, Josh and I put on our Pumas shirts, forgot to put on our sunscreen, and went to the Pumas vs. Cruz Azul game! The Puma (or Cougar) is the feline mascot of the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), where we work.

As many of you are well aware, football (soccer) games are serious business here in Mexico. In fact, it seems that football is important in almost every country except the United States… where did we fall off that boat? Personally, I like the game better than basketball and American football combined. (Oops, did I just offend half the people that read this blog? Sorry.) Josh and I sat in one of the less rowdy sections, but it was an exciting game nonetheless. I couldn’t help but notice that the game seemed to come quite near to a religious experience for many of the whistling, shouting and cursing fans near us.

Here are a few videos I took at the game. The first is of the UNAM university song and cheer, and the second is just a little snippet of the game and some cheering and singing going on from the rowdiest student section across from where we were sitting.

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