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¡Viva México!

Today is the eve of Mexican Independence Day! Tonight we will be going to one of the homes of our students in the north of the city to celebrate with her family! She told us to plan to stay all night – and we won’t need a sleeping bag.

At around 10pm in every delegation (neighborhood area) of the city, people will gather in plazas and town squares to celebrate, dance, and participate in yelling the “Grito” (or “yell”)… “¡Viva México!” The biggest celebration happens in the Zócalo (the main square in the center of the city) where they expect hundreds of thousands of people. We’ve never been there for the “Grito” because it can be quite crowded and a little dangerous (pickpockets, etc.)

On Saturday, we had a little party for our students and their families in honor of Independence Day. The students helped prepare Pozole and make decorations at our apartment on Friday night and then came on Saturday evening with their families. Here are some pictures!

Some students at our apartment helping us to prepare food and decorations:

Jared, upon discovering that he had more lettuce to chop up:

Part of our skit about “What it Means to be Mexican.” Our group chose to represent different people all riding together on a Pesero (bus):

Zurielly (Ruth) and I wearing Mexican dresses. The one I’m wearing is from the Yucatan.


  1. Wes

    Josh and Amy-

    It was great to find your blog, and we are excited to hear about your ministry here in Mexico City.

    My wife and I just moved to Mexico City to begin a year internship with Armonía, a ministry to the rural and urban poor in Mexico City and Oaxaca. Before this move, we worked in youth ministry at a PCA church in Saint Louis. Feel free to visit our blog at, and maybe we can connect sometime in the big city!


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