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Summer CUR Retreat… and the Semester Starts!

Today is the first day of the fall semester for students at the UNAM. Can you believe it? We’re getting prepared for our Biblestudies and English Clubs to start next week or during the following weeks, and getting in touch with old students and new students. It’s an energetic, busy time.

At the first of the month, we had a CUR Retreat in a city a few hours away called Tequisquapan. Ruth’s parents were so gracious in letting us use their garage and backyard facilities to have a 3 day retreat. We also used the neighborhood pool facilities as well, which was great. We had an amazing speaker at the retreat named Jerry Cross. Jerry grew up in Latin America and lived in Mexico City for many years as a missionary. We first met Jerry at the Living in Grace conference we went to over a year ago, and he was our coach and mentor throughout the week. He has just finished compiling a book in Spanish, called “Living in the Power of the Gospel,” which is basically all of his “Living in Grace” material that we went through together at the North Carolina conference, but in Spanish and geared toward a Latin American audience. It was absolutely wonderful to have Jerry there as our speaker for the 3-day retreat with the students, and at the end of the retreat, everyone got a copy of the book.

I was very very encouraged by how ready all of the students were (both Christians and non-Christians) to talk about their thoughts and questions about the things we we were talking about and learning. In our small group we had excellent discussions about grace and the Gospel. It was refreshing for me to hear all of the comments and contributions from the students in the group, and also to see that the students were truly growing in their understanding.

Below are some pictures from the retreat!

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