Prone to Wander

Summer VBS at Salvation Army

A few weeks ago our CUR students put on a Vacation Bible School at the Salvation Army orphanage here in Mexico City. We put on a puppet show with stories, games, and crafts with about 55 kids at the orphanage for 3 days. The main topics (God created you, loves you and listens to you) were tied into an overall “Jungle” theme.

Here are a few pictures of the puppet show and our student puppeteers. Note the cool jungle background that Abby, Meredith, Jared, Josh and I painted! 🙂

For one of the crafts, the kids made picture frames each with different and colorful zebra stripes that signified that God created each of them very uniquely, since no two zebras’ stripes are exactly alike. We took a picture of each of them and had it developed before putting it into their personal frame. We were surprised to learn that this was the first time that several of the kids had ever had their picture taken, or owned a photo of themselves. I think it was really special for them. Here are a few of those individual portraits that we took.

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