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This past weekend a big group of about 24 students and 5 staff went to scale the enormous pyramids of Teotihuacan, which are about an hour north of the city. This event was part of our series of summer events on Saturday, mixing both new and veteran English Club members and CUR students.

is still a mystery for archeologists. It’s even older than the Aztecs; when they discovered Teotihucan, they thought that it was an abandoned city of ancient gods or giants. Wikipedia says that the city’s buildings date from 200 BC to around 450 AD and that the city might have been as big as Rome! Here’s a fun fact: I read that the base of the largest pyramid at Teotihuacan is just as big as the biggest pyramid in Egypt, but that it’s only about half as tall because of the different stepped angles.

View of the entire site and the biggest Pyramid from the “Pyramid of the Moon”:

A black & white view from the other side of the site:

Here was part of the group that we went with:

Josh and the Pyramid of the Moon:

Steep stairs!

Sitting on the edge of the world… err, pyramid:

People at the top of the “Pyramid of the Sun,” worshipping both Quetzalcoatl, a popular Aztec creator god, and Christ. Very strange.

Here’s a short video. The sound is not that good but you can hear one of the chants:

These people also believe they can receive a huge charge of energy by standing at the top of the pyramid of the Sun with raised arms. Josh wondered if he would be able to recharge his cell phone up there. Unfortunately it didn’t work:

View of the Pyramid of the Moon from the Pyramid of the Sun:

Part of our group, on the move:

Some amazingly preserved details on the side of one of the ruins:

Me, Josh and some silly looking hats:

I love this ancient style of brick laying:

Summer Interns and students!

Ground view of the Pyramid of the Sun:

Finally, after looking back through my previous blog posts, I realized that I never posted any pictures of the trip that we took to Teotihuacan with my sister in January. Here are a few pictures of our shenannegans there earlier in the year.

My sister Chelsea and I in our fun new straw hats:

Josh joined the mowing crew. It’s a big job, but somebody’s gotta do it:

It’s just a shortcut, Chelsea, really…

Sitting “in the shadow” of the Pyramid of the Sun:

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  1. Your photo post brought back great memories of my own trip to this exact spot in 1975. I even recognized the exact views looking at, and from the top of the pyramid!

    Wonderful post.

    Best regards,
    Madame Monet, in Marrakesh
    Writing, Painting, Music, and Wine

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