Prone to Wander

The Lost Videos

The following videos are from the past 9 months that we’ve spent in Mexico. I just figured out how to upload them onto YouTube. I hope that you enjoy these interesting sights and sounds as much as we did. 🙂

May 2008 Flying Voladores! Look closely, there is a guy sitting on the very top playing a flute.

February 2008 Mariachis Outside of our window, playing a serenade to someone in our apartment complex!

November 2007 Dance Performance at the Dawali Festival of the Indian Embassy in Mexico City. (I have a friend who works for the Indian Embassy, who invited us to go with her).

September 2007 Folkloric Music Performance

August 2007 Night Pesero (Bus) ride. This is my favorite bus! It has black lights, a poster of Jim Morrison and awesome music!

November 2007 Ninja Game at a CUR “Field Day” last fall.

November 2007 Day of the Dead Aztec Dancing Performance at the UNAM!

November 2007 Day of the Dead Celebration at the UNAM – THROAT SINGER!! This guy and his band are INCREIBLE!! He sang like this for a while and then played the bagpipes, the clarinet, the flute, and other instruments as well. Here are 3 amazing videos of him. Cool and strange, isn’t it?


  1. chelsea

    Tuvan throat singing! My friends Zach and Sean practiced that technique for an entire semester back when we were in undergrad… and actually became pretty good at it! 🙂

  2. That’s right! I remember Zach doing that in the car one time when we drove through Norman and carpooled to Tulsa. I think Josh was even with us! 🙂

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