Prone to Wander

Our First “Large Group”!

Last Tuesday we had our first official “Large Group” RUF meeting in Mexico City! This is something that the team has been building up to for several years… and we finally reached a place with our students and our group where Peter thought we were ready to start it. “Large Group” is the main official meeting for RUF, and it includes music, announcements, a main talk, and for our group, a snack, since we meet around lunch time.

The Baptist Student Union here at the UNAM has their own building very close to campus, and they are graciously letting us use it on Tuesday afternoons, which is huge! It’s easy to find, and right across the street from the university.

Here are a few pictures I took of our very first “large group” meeting. We had about 20-25 students.

The room set-up and ready for students:

One of our signs:

Peter & a student outside the meeting room:

Jared ready to lead us in some songs!

Some students:

Peter’s talk:

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