Prone to Wander

Do you really want to be phard?

People here really like t-shirts with words in English. The strange thing that we’ve noticed is that some of the t-shirts don’t make any sense, and some of them sometimes seem surprisingly inappropriate for their wearers.

In the US, we seem to like t-shirts, for example, with Japanese or Chinese words or phrases, but we usually have no idea what they mean when we buy them. People from those countries probably come to the US and laugh their heads off because we have something silly like “Broom Closet” written on our t-shirts.

We found this funny t-shirt at MEGA (a big supermarket) last week. I don’t know what it means to “be phard”, do you? Apparently it is an important question that must be grappled with… I mean, does a person really want to be phard? Sounds like it’s a tough decision.


So the next time you’re about to buy a cool t-shirt with words in a different language on it and you don’t know what it means, just ask yourself, “Do you really want to be phard?”


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