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O Day of Love and Friendship

On Saturday we had a formal “Day of Love and Friendship” (a.k.a. Valentine’s Day) dinner at our apartment. 25 students came dressed-up, and Josh and I served soup, and chicken and rice with crema poblana.

One of our students also was amazing and brought a professional espresso machine! After dinner we were treated to coffee and cappuccinos with tasty flavors.

Note: In the big group picture below you can see me holding what appears to be a ziploc bag. It’s actually filled with ice because I was an idiot and cut up all of the chiles poblanas without using gloves or being more careful. Apparently after about 2 hours your hands feel like they are on fire even though you’ve washed them a zillion times. Ruth called her mom and she told me to make a paste of baking soda and lime and put it on my hands until they stopped burning. It worked! Apparently this paste also takes impossible stains out of shirts and generally is the miracle solution for just about anything. I’m about to try it on a grease stain. I’ll let you know if it works!



The full group!

This picture is poor quality but it is a fun one of Josh and I cooking in the kitchen.


  1. love this post. you and josh are so amazing! i love all the things you do with that group!

    and i’m TOTALLY going to try that concoction. see? LIMES!!! it’s ALL about LIMES!!! 😉

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