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¡Tamales Oaxaqueños!

Amy and I have lived in Mexico City for a little over 6 months now, and we still crack up when we hear any one of the numerous vendors selling things on the street. Now, you may be thinking that I’m talking about the guys trying to sell stuff to you as you walk by, but that’s NOT what I’m talking about.

If you have spent any time in Mexico you will be very familiar with people walking down a street advertising whatever their selling with either a familiar sound or ad that signifies who they are. Both of these are blasted by either speakers or a megaphone so that you are able to understand everything they’re saying even when you are sitting in your home.

There are guys selling oranges, pan dulce (desert breads), camotes (another desert that’s hard to describe), the guy who sharpens your knives, the guy who fixes your windows, and Jared tells us about people in Puebla selling empanadas. My favorite street vendors are those that sell tamales, partly because they all play the same recording for their delicious tamales:

To explain a little more, some guys have a regular location where they sell tamales. The video shows a guys who sells his tamales from a modified bike, so that he can cover a lot more ground.

A while ago one guy made a recording of himself selling tamales, because he had become famous for his ad. Now, everyone who sells tamales all over Mexico uses that same recording (the one also in the video above). It warms my heart to know that one Mexican man could become infamous for selling tamales.

tamale bike


  1. HAHHAHAHAHAHHA!!! that’s awesome!
    and sort of explains what’s always going on near my apartment. on weekends, there are always people standing around on street corners yelling things through megaphones and microphones, and i always wonder what they’re talking about. after reading this, i wonder if they aren’t just selling stuff.

  2. monica

    I just found your blog and can i tell you have make me nostalgic for my country, i miss those littles things like the tamales vendors and corn with lime and chile, omg i miss it!!! I’m really glad you’re enjoying my country not many people talk good things about the city , but mexico city’s its beautiful and i’m glad you can appreciate, too bad i’m not there

  3. Amy

    Hi Monica, thanks for reading our blog! Are you originally from Mexico City? We are from Texas but now we LOVE things like tamales and esquites… I know we will miss them when we leave…

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