Prone to Wander

There’s a Bunny on the Moon!

I don’t know about you, but I grew up thinking that there was a man in the moon. In Mexico, it’s not a man, it’s a bunny.

Legend has it that there once upon a time there were two suns, and someone determined that two suns were just too much for us. So what did they do? They thew a rabbit at one of the suns, and it diminished the light until it turned into the moon. The bunny is still up there – you can see it in the shadows of the moon. I never knew that throwing a rabbit at a light source could make it dimmer. Maybe I should keep one around to throw at my lamp whenever it gets too bright.

Last night we went to the house of a Mexican family who lives on the side of one of the mountains in the south of Mexico City. They have an amazing view of the city from the roof, and we got to watch the lunar eclipse. I think I got carried away with taking artistic pictures of the moon and the city from the roof. Below is a little sampling for you. 🙂






  1. Sarah

    whats the second and third picture of?? They look wierd. Kinda scary. My guess: picture 1- oh ok. that one is just a blurry picture of the moon… but…
    picture 2- idk. an embryo?? intestine??

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