Prone to Wander

Picture Time

Here are a few nice artsy pictures from the past semester in Mexico that I thought I would post. Mexico is beautiful!

These two pictures are from the top of the Castle in Chapultepec park:



The following two pictures were taken at the “Peña de Bernal” in the state of Queretaro. We climbed up half of it. The second picture is of Josh standing on the top of the Tortuga (a rock that looks like the head of a turtle).



Here are some beautiful flowers that I photographed in the town of Bernal in Queretaro:


These are some pretty lights at a Dawali celebration that we attended with our friends from the Indian Embassy:


The view from inside a market:


The hillside of Taxco, a beautiful city famous for it’s silver mining and silver work:


This is a very old church in Mexico City in the district of San Angel, very close to our apartment:


A beautiful clay plate on a shelf at Diego Rivera’s art studio:


Me on a pretty hidden street in San Angel in Mexico City:


A sunset on the beach in Acapulco:


  1. did i ever tell you i visited Mexico in high school? we stayed in three of the places in your pictures. mexico city, acapulco, & taxco.

    on a separate note, HILARIOUS comment on james’ facebook!

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