Prone to Wander


To those who claim that there’s nothing worse than watching a mainstream American B rated movie, you are wrong. Try watching several mainstream American B rated movies dubbed in Spanish all in a row.

The bus system in Mexico is wonderful – $10 to $30 bucks will get you a nice comfortable seat on a plush new charter bus, complete with double bathrooms and 3 DVD screens. These busses are definitely the way to travel to locations a few hours away from DF. However, all the way to your destination, you can torture yourself with classics such as Littleman, RV, Big Momma’s House 2, and of course the ever popular My Superhero Ex-Girlfriend, all in Spanish. I don’t have anything against dubbed movies (it helps me practice my Spanish) except for the fact that I hate idiotic movies, and annoying voices tend to be exponentially more annoying in Spanish and harder to drown out with music from your iPod (for example, the voices of men pretending to be babies, men pretending to be fat old ladies, and the voice of any Kristin Chenoweth character). As a side note, what is up with the theme of men pretending to be babies and old ladies? Anyway, being subjected to these rare jewels of American film-making has caused me to ask the question, “Do people actually watch these films and like them?” and more importantly, “Would they kick me off the bus if I hummed loudly the whole way with my eyes shut and my fingers in my ears?”

In this never-ending parade of very, very bad movies, I submit to you a real gem, called Once. I love, love, love this movie and its music. It’s refreshingly realistic and heartfelt, but definitely not sappy or blubbery. In fact, there’s no “love story” in this movie, at least in the normal sense of over-saturated loveless “love stories.” This movie celebrates music and the creativity and inspiration that can come from seemingly happenstance friendships. In this case, two strangers cross paths in Dublin and come together to create some amazing music. What is really interesting is that this is a true story, and the artists play themselves in the movie, playing their original music.

After seeing the movie, there was no other option – I had to to buy the soundtrack. The music is just fantastic. And Laura, you were right-on with your recommendation. I do love this movie, and I should have seen it a long, long time ago.



  1. Scream along to this soundtrack as you listen to it. It’s best experienced in a car, but maybe cleaning the apartment or jogging will have a similar effect. Best movie of 2007 hands down.

  2. I need to catch that one, but I don’t know when I’ll get the chance.

    On the topic of dubbing, Germans are absolute fiends for dubbed movies and TV. I can’t stand it. I can understand the benefit to language acquisition, but for me, art trumps necessity. I want to hear what the movie is supposed to sound like, you know?

    On a happier note, I’m off to see The Darjeeling Limited tonight.

  3. Yeah, even Mexicans sometimes prefer subtitles instead of dubbing because they can hear what the voices are really supposed to sound like. But if I hear or see English, I use it as a crutch against language learning… 🙂 I really want to see the Darjeeling Limited! Hopefully it opens in Mexico soon.

  4. Ah, the 80s B movie parade with the unstoppable dubbed loudness. You didn’t get to see “The Bodyguard”?

    I was unclear on Once – did you see that on the bus, too? Or was that just for relief from the memory of our (incredible except for the movies) Mexican bus experience?

  5. this was one of my favorites for 2007, too. i bought the soundtrack the moment i got home, and i still listen to it all the time.

    i’m so glad you finally saw it and loved it!

  6. Good news, at least for me – Once opens here on the 17th, including in the one theater in the city (Cinestar in the Sony Center) that I know of that plays movies in their original versions.


  7. I didn’t see Once on the bus – I was just reflecting on it since I was subjected to so many bad ones a few days ago. 🙂

    Yay Ben! I think you will like it.

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