Prone to Wander

A – Mazing

I have just been reflecting on the semester, and there are some things that just need to be posted.

This sign in this picture is posted in the “Islas,” the center part of the campus, and says “Your dog is your responsibility. Help us keep this area clean.”

Islas Poop

Sticking with the sign themes, here are some signs we’ve seen posted in smaller cities that I’m not sure what they mean at all…

Signs Tequis

This sign has it all; books, pipes, and gifts. Who wouldn’t want to go there?!

Sign 2

Now, you may not realize the very large Viking influence here in Mexico, but its here in the Mexico that you tourists won’t see.


This is just the craziest grasshopper I have ever seen:


These last two need a little more explanation.

Sombra Blanca

You may not realize it, but the people here have a love of certain things: Limes, Chile, and Lucha Libre. That means that everything is better with a little lime, chile, or in this case a lucha (wrestling) mask. We went to a Mariachi restaurant and had a great time celebrating a birthday of a teammate. After a while, a guest singer was announced, “The White Shadow.” The great thing was that we has actually a pretty good singer.

Finally, something that continues to challenge my food knowledge ever since we moved here:

Turkey Ham

This is literally “Turkey Ham.” Now, I have been told that this is the Spanish way of saying that this is not Turkey Breast (pechuga de pavo), but a mix of turkey meat like bologna. Say what you want, but I can’t bring myself to eat it. I guess its the way I think about my lunch meats, because if I want to eat a random mix of meats, I’ll eat a hot dog.


  1. You can get turkey ham in the States. My mom used to buy it sometimes – it’s just turkey that’s been cured like ham, I’m pretty sure.

    I’m guessing the blue sign on the right in the first “mystery sign” picture you posted is pointing toward a tourist information office, or possibly somewhere you can hire a tour guide.

  2. chelsea

    i just consulted Joseba about the Turkey Ham, and after a little debate, yes, it’s just turkey that is prepared like ham. i looked it up on google image search, and you can definitely get turkey ham in the U.S. although i agree, it sounds weird. as a general rule, i like to stay away from Oscar Mayer “prepared” meats…

  3. Awesome collection of signs, I must say. The first ironic (dog poop next to the “mind your dog” sign), the second mysterious (“what is that big rock” next to transportation to get to the big rock – maybe even a guided tour?), the third titillating (I have never seen a pipe in Pena de Bernal), I could go on…

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