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Flooding in Tabasco

Many of you have heard and asked us about about the floods in Tabasco, a state that is Southeast of Mexico City. It’s quite far… in fact we haven’t seen a drop of rain in the last month. However, the states of Tabasco and Chiapas have been caught in a recent deluge and their rivers have burst through their banks.

It is estimated that about 80% to 70% of the state is covered in the flood and that almost 1 million people have been displaced, many of which have lost everything. People are already saying that it is the worst flood that Mexico has seen.


Yesterday in our English Clubs, we talked about natural disasters like this one, especially in light of the fact that Chile was hit yesterday by an earthquake of 7.7 magnitude. It was interesting to hear the students’ perspectives. Many students were concerned, but some find it difficult to realize the need of people far away, especially with so many concerns of their own. One student said that people have been doing a lot of logging in the forests on the mountains of Chiapas on the border of Tabasco, meaning that the water runoff down into the state of Tabasco was presumably more intense. There are probably many natural and scientific reasons for this flood, including help from man. But the world is and will continue to fall apart. Life is messy and we’re personally helping to make the messes… I pray that Christ’s global church will continue to respond. Will we continue to bring a light into the places that are dark? Will we continue to love the unloved? Will we continue to help those who desperately need it, whether through prayer, presence, service or support?


Here in Mexico City, our church and our UNAM student groups gave a donation of canned goods and supplies which were given to a local seminary that will go with a group to Tabasco. I think that an organization called WorldVision is heading up much of the relief, and they are also taking donations on their website.

Mission to the World (our organization) is also taking donations for the flood relief. Click here for more information.

One comment

  1. see… this is what happens when i don’t pay a stitch of attention to the news. i didn’t even know this happened!

    i’ll pray for the displaced in mexico, and i’ll see if there’s something i can do. i don’t have much in the way of $, but i could donate some canned food or something.

    thanks for informing us (me)!

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