Prone to Wander



I’m wearing as many clothes as I can, and I’ve got a big warm blanket wrapped around me… but it’s no use! My toes and fingers still feel like ice cubes.

A cold front came through Mexico City several days ago and it’s stuck on top of the bowl of the city. I checked the weather recently and apparently it has gotten down to about 34 degrees at it’s lowest. The afternoons are warming up to 60 or 65 in the sun, but today was overcast and downright chilly.

I found this computer image of Mexico (the volcanoes are the peaks in the back) and it shows you the mountains creating the wind barrier around Mexico City. I don’t know how accurate this is (found it on some random web-site) but it may be able to give you an idea of the terrain.


Actually because of the cold weather, it has been really clear here and the pollution hasn’t been quite as bad. Because of the pollution, you usually can’t see all of the mountains surrounding the city, but in the last several days there have been some remarkably clear views. Under normal circumstances, it’s easy to forget that we are living in the mountains.

Anyway, homes and apartments in Mexico City don’t come equipped with heating or air. A friend lent us a portable heater (which I haven’t figured out how to use yet… I blew the fuse on our regulator when I plugged it in the first time!) and the windows and doors aren’t really airtight.

So, it looks like it’s time to pile on the blankets and read a book… maybe make some soup or hot chocolate. Or maybe I’ll go wash the dishes in hot water to get some feeling back in my fingers…


  1. I love that movie The Christmas Story! Cold hands and feet are no fun, and very difficult to get rid of! I guess you didn’t pack a whole lot of warm clothes, huh? One thing I’ve been thankful for, is though it’s usually pretty chilly here, the houses are fairly airtight. I hope it warms up for you soon!

  2. CSR

    brrr…I checked on mailing you both socks and gloves…and yikes…think you could definitely buy them there cheaper!!!…$51.00 for 12 oz.!

    Guess it’s hot tea for you guys until the weather gets warmer!


  3. wow… i’m sorry you’re so cold. you made me cold just reading about it. 🙂

    i hope you get that heater working and are warm and snuggly in no time.

    oh… and i love the picture.

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