Prone to Wander

Mis Compañeros

This week I start my second “Intensive” Spanish course… I’ve graduated with pride from Básico 1 to Básico 2. Josh is going from Intermedio 1 to Intermedio 2.

One of the things I enjoy most about my classes at the CEPE (Spanish Language Center for Foreigners) is that I get to meet people from all over the world. And we all try to get to know each other in broken Spanish (and sometimes in broken English). Here is a picture of part of my Básico 1 class.


In this picture there are: 2 people from Japan, 1 person from Greece, 1 person from England, 1 person from India, 1 person from Korea, 1 person from the USA (yours truly) and 1 random straggler in the background whom I don’t know. 🙂

The CEPE is only a very small part of the UNAM that is a little separated from the rest of the university. In fact, it’s somewhat hidden behind a very ominous looking iron gate near the Psychology Faculty. It’s really nicely landscaped with cool volcanic rock around it, but we jokingly have said that they try to keep all of the crazy foreigners locked away in the “zoo”.


  1. awesome! you’re having such amazing experiences!

    what a fun place to meet people. it makes me think of me talk pretty one day by david sedaris. have you read that? there’s an essay in that book called “jesus shaves”

    you should read it (if you haven’t already)

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