Prone to Wander

Update through Pictures

Last Sunday, 6 students from CUR joined the church! It was a big day. Here are some pictures:



Recently, we went to visit some smaller cities near Mexico City. Here’s a picture of one of the churches in Cholula, a small suburb of Puebla, where the UDLA university is located. When the Catholic church came to Mexico many years ago, they tried to build churches on top of all of the old ruined pyramids. This church is built on top of a pyramid… but by accident! They thought it was just a big hill, but it turns out, it is a pyramid with the largest base in the world!


Cholula felt like a tiny small town. Can you see the GIANT smoking volcano in this picture? I’ve never seen one close-up… although it is still very far away.


I was surprised to see farmers still using donkeys and plows in their field:


Puebla felt like a provincial town…VERY different from Mexico City. Check out the Spanish inspired architecture:



  1. James

    So what is the volcano smoking anyway? I hope its over 18, but if it were here in Scotland it would be ok at 16.

    Sorry I just couldn’t resist.

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