Prone to Wander

Around the UNAM

I am happy to announce that the daily rainstorms have ceased for the time being, and we are now enjoying some delightfully beautiful autumn days full of sun! We have discovered, however, that daily rain does do a great job at cleaning out the smog from the air and the dirt from the street. Oh well. You can’t have it all.

Anyway, here are some pictures from around the UNAM and CUR events in the past few weeks.

The library reflecting pool is only filled with water some of the time… but it looks really cool when it is full:

A CUR Bible study in the Islas. What an awesome location (except when it rains)!

One day a group of students gave this martial arts demonstration. This guy is jumping over people to break a wooden board with his feet. Pretty sweet.

A member of the CUR English Club offered to cook us an authentic Mexican Dinner on Friday night. About 30 English Club students showed up… he cooked A LOT!

A few English Club students and I getting ready to chow down on traditional Mexican food. The sun from the window is making those funny rays on our shirts and faces.

On Saturday, we went to an American football game at the 1968 Olympic Stadium! It was the Pumas (the UNAM team) versus the Tigres from somewhere far away. You can see that the Tigres only brought about 5 fans, but you can imagine how many people could get packed in there for soccer games. There is cool view of campus behind the stadium, too.

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