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Walmart, A La Mexicana

The great and funny thing about Mexico City is that because it is really close to the US geographically there is a lot of US influence in the lives of Mexicans. That being said, some things are similar in some ways but with a very Mexican twist. Take Walmart, for instance.

There is a Walmart about five minutes down the street from our new apartment. I’m not going to lie, it comes in very handy. At times its nice to have a little slice of the US right down the street. However, sometimes I’m reminded that even though its a US company, its a little different here. Take this for example:



You may not be able to tell, but this is a free sample of different tequilas. These guys hung out and drank free samples for a while. Now, this was about noon, which was a little surprising. Just to give you a heads up, people here don’t eat lunch until much later like 3 or 4. In fact, many people are still eating things for breakfast at noon, which makes this tequila time even better.

Also, I think that we may all agree that Walmart is clearly a US company and not a Mexican tradition. However, based on a huge sign outside the store I’m not so sure anymore.


Finally, when you leave many stores in Mexico there are stands where people are selling just about anything. Walmart is not an exception. How about a nice Mexican flag? Sure, I’ll just it out of this nice head of lettuce here…



  1. Ben

    Too good. You hate to trot out the tired expressions about pictures and thousands of words, but those (especially the third) have to be worth a pretty lengthy book on cultural appropriation, assimiliation, adaptation, inebriation, and probably a few more -ations I can’t think of just yet.

    When I visited Berlin a year and a half ago, I drank Starbucks coffee within sight of the Brandenburg Gate and stopped by Subway for lunch in the same day. All this stuff raises some fascinating questions about what makes tradition authentic.

  2. BenE

    I noticed these things when I am down south too. I think most of the thinks like the flags and the Tradicion Mexicana was aimed more at the whole Independence day coming up on the 16th, not that Wal-Mart was a Mexican tradition. The greatest thing is where you have all the American companies saying Feliz Navidad! when in the US they say Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings.

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