Prone to Wander

Plaza of the Three Cultures – Tlatelolco

Yesterday we went on a little outing to the plaza of the three cultures. There’s some ancient temple ruins there… the tops of the buildings have been used in the nearby church that was strategically put there by the Spanish conquerors (A common practice… which is why the ruins are, well, in ruins). The rest of the ancient buildings have been excavated and you can walk through them. Here are a few pics. The second one is of Jared talking with an UNAM student (and our tour guide for the day). 🙂




  1. Moms

    Oh…no!!! I’m so sorry your apt. search has again encountered problems…God likely has the best place for you in his time…I hope that you won’t take someplace you won’t be happy or safe in…I know it must be so hard right now without your stuff for a big three weeks…I honestly don’t know if I would be a very happy camper at this point…

    We will keep praying for you a good place to stay…


  2. pwd

    Guys, your blog entries are great – keep up the good work! You are quite right about the conquest practice of using the old empire to build the new – installing the new gods in the old gods temples (or using the old temples as materials for the new ones) proved an impressive and visible means of showing that the earthly powers had changed at the behest of the heavenly potentates (“our god beat up your gods”).

    It’s also important to note that this site was the place of the presidentially ordered massacre of protesting UNAM students as the government cracked down on disorder in the run up to the 1968 olympics. The “black power” olympics were preceded by a “PRI power” prelude.

  3. Do they have drive thru car washes? Just walk through each day with your clothes on, and you will kill two birds with one stone, clean clothes and you just took a shower!

  4. I just read your blog, It’s really good. I’m from Mexico City, so I know quite well about these things. My High School teacher was a surviver from that massacre.Really sad.

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