Prone to Wander

Thoughts, Comments, Pictures

Here are answers to your questions, and other random thoughts and comments… in no particular order:

1) Lucha Libre is a popular type of wrestling here in Mexico. It was recently parodied in the Jack Black movie, Nacho Libre.

2) The Bellas Artes is a beautiful building in Mexico City that typically is used for performance events like the Ballet Folklorico and most recently I think there was a Frida Kahlo art exhibit there.

3) Last Friday, we rode a Pesero (bus) to the UNAM that can only be described as the “Knight Bus” from Harry Potter. Many of the drivers customize their bus any way they would like. This bus happened to be christened “The Medusa” and was complete with a Goat’s Leg hanging from the rearview mirror, a driver that drove like a maniac, and some kind of helper to the driver who would get out of the bus and bang on the side whenever the last person had jumped on at each stop. The peseros are usually super crowded… and when combined with the crazy driving it had a comical effect. Most drivers also play music… that was the only thing missing from this experience. 🙂

4) Multiple students asked us if lots of Americans are like the people who take “spring break” in Mexico. Apparently many people here in Mexico are impacted by the crazy and often trashy spring breakers who come here from the U.S. and are sometimes surprised to hear that Americans are not all like that.

5) Peter’s birthday was on Tuesday! We threw him a surprise birthday party Saturday night. Here are some pictures of Peter being surprised, and of some of the core students in CUR (RUF).




  1. Hi, Amy and Josh!
    I’m Peter’s sister-in-law and I love love love your pictures. I visited Peter last year and your pictures remind me of all the fun! Thanks! I hope you are doing well in your Spanish class and that you are adjusting well to your new home.

    Me so jealous!! 🙂

    PS-Ask Ruth what special memories the Bellas Artes holds for she and I….

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