Prone to Wander

Mexico- Week One

Our first week has come to a close. Here are a few pictures that we’ve taken in the past week of the UNAM and Mexico City.

Las Islas, the central outdoor area on the UNAM campus.

The Biblioteca (Library) at the UNAM. It’s covered in mosaic art!!

A morning view of Mexico City from the part of the city where we are staying this week.

The Metro at Copilco.

The Zocalo (main square) in Mexico City.

Decorations for Independence Day on September 15.

A soldier marching in a parade (I think it happens at the end of each day in the main square).

A market street off of the Zocalo.

Lucha Libre masks at the market.

Jared (also on our team) and I in the Zocalo.

Some of the people in this Frida Kahlo painting sure look strange….

A statue outside the Bellas Artes.


  1. Debbie Oettle

    It was great to see what some of the places
    in Mexico City looks like.
    It was great to hear what you 2 have been up to.
    I love you and miss you both!

  2. Moms

    Hello Amy and Josh!…So glad you will have an apt. soon…and am glad to see the new post with pics..BTW…What is the Bellas Artes? and what are Lucha Libre masks for?

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