Prone to Wander

Finding Inspiration

Travel is a funny thing… it reminds us that the world is much bigger than the one we try to shrink it down to manage on a daily basis. We fight so hard to imagine that we are the center of our own safe, comfortable universe… but travel forces our perspective to be widened and our eyes opened to different ways of living, being, and thinking. It’s an unstable world, so it can be quite scary to step out into it… but it is also certainly a wonderful and beautiful one. Travel and seeing new things and meeting new people can remind you of what you truly love and value.

What am I inspired by? Sometimes at “home” I can get so caught up in my daily tasks and routine that I forget to look for inspiration in the things around me. When I travel, I am reminded of what I love about other cultures, music, art, reading, thinking, writing, painting, and drawing. I become inspired by the amazing things that I see around me, and by the amazing people that I meet.

Do we have to travel to be inspired? Of course not! It’s just harder for us to feel it, since we’re not focused on looking around to see things that amaze us, distracted by the comforts of home and a busy schedule. Now that Josh and I are back in Texas for several months, I am making it a goal to pursue things that truly inspire me and excite me about living life. If I can see those things clearly when I travel, I can also see them at home. I’ll just have to force myself to keep my eyes open wider.

Reflections from a stained glass window at the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
Window Reflections

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