Prone to Wander

Gaudi, Paella and Hiking

Amy and I are finishing up our time here in the land of Paella as we leave tomorrow morning for London.  Barcelona has been amazing in so many ways, especially the fact that it has been sunny and about 65 to 75 every day.  If I didn´t enjoy mosaic art before, this city would have inspired me.  This is really the town that Gaudi built.  We have some great pictures of his amazing art like the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and other buildings.  Also, we had a change to take a train to Montserrat, which is a monastary that is located at the top of a huge mountain near Barcelona.  We went for a hike and took some incredible pictures. 

When Amy and I get home, we will post some pics of our adventures here.  Running out of internet time, so more to come when we get home.  Our flight back leaves on Thursday morning, so we don´t have much time left.

Time for some Sangria!

The view at Montserrat

View of part of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia from the insideSagrada Familia

Amazing Gaudi mosaic work at Parc Guell
Parc Guell

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