Prone to Wander

Final Brussels Update!

Hello dear friends and thanks for reading our blog. I hope it’s interesting, even though we don’t have any pictures up right now (we’ll update the old posts when we get home with some good pics).

Much has happened in the last week… Josh and I were knocked off of our feet for several days last weekend with a mild flu, and Josh still has an annoying cough at night. Thankfully we both feel better and better every day. Many of the people here have been sick, though, which I’m told happens every year at about the third week of training. 🙂

Tomorrow is our last full day in Brussels! I can’t believe how fast the time has flown. We’ve made so many good friends in the last month and will be sad to leave… but at the same time ready to go. There has been beautiful spring-like weather here in Brussels in the last few days and we can’t help but feeling that we’ve spent the winter here and are now emerging into the spring. (Yeah, it’s February so the weather will probably be short-lived, but it feels like that anyway…)

On Monday we will be headed off to Paris for some sight-seeing. Josh hasn’t been there before and I’m looking forward to exploring the city with him. Afterward we will be going to Barcelona for a few days and hopefully we will get a chance to hang out with a few friends who will also be there.

I must go… my last Belgian Waffle with chocolate calls…

New friends Jen and Dave making some tasty waffles for our last dinner together:

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