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First Week in Brussels

The last few weeks have flown by and we are now in Brussels, Belgium for MTW cross-cultural training. Sunday we ventured out to a Latin American church (yes, in Brussels!) and stopped by a Turkish street market along the way. We also got a chance to sit in on an Arabic Evangelical church service as well. It was very different… especially the music!

There are so many different people, cultures and languages here. It’s so interesting! Since neither of us speak French at all, we speak to people in English, or Spanish. Even though I’m only a beginner in Spanish, I find myself getting excited when I can speak (or at least understand) someone in Spanish after all of that French.

Last night we went to an internet cafe where we will be working at every Monday and Wednesday nights. It’s open to anyone who comes in and would like to read or use the computer and have coffee. Mostly it’s just word of mouth, and most of the people who come in regularly are interested in just hanging out and talking or playing chess. We got a chance to talk with two Muslim Algerians last night (both named Mohammed, actually) who are regulars. It was really interesting to get to talk with them about their many questions about what Christians beleive and also get to ask them some questions about the Koran and Allah as well. We are meeting up with them again there on Wednesday night to finish our discussion.

Josh and I are getting familiar with the train system and the metro and we’re excited about getting a day or two “off” this weekend to explore the city a bit more. The weather has been great… very London-ish to me… and warmer than normal for Brussels, from what I’m told. We’ve already got to sample some Belgian waffles (which remind me of donuts) and fries with mayo. We hope to get to try the famous beer and the chocolate very soon. 🙂

Here’s a picture of the Grand Place in Brussels on a cold blustery day our first week:
The Grand Place in Brussels

Josh and I eating lunch at the Latin American church in Brussels.
Lunch at ELIM (Latin American) International Church in Brussels

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  1. Laura

    Hey there Oettles! Glad to hear you made it safely to Brussels! Sounds like your adventures have already begun in full force. Keep letting us know how you’re doing – we think of you often!

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