Prone to Wander

Ocean’s 11 at Walgreens

This post is for all those who hear about people being robbed and think they would never stand by and let something like that happen.

Amy and I stopped at a near bye Walgreens on the way home to purchase some travel supplies for our up-coming trip to Brussels.  After we checked out, we walked to our car in the parking lot.  This is when our little stop took an amazing and stunning turn.  First, we noticed a man on crutches near a Ford Mustang parked near our car.  As we approached he began his “walk” back across the parking lot to his car.  At this point, a little man ran out of the entrance of the store with a large black bag and started yelling “Go, Go, Go!”  These two men tried to get in the car as quick as they could (although the guy on crutches almost fell out of the car).  Then all the customers and employees in the store spilled out into the parking lot to identify the “getaway” car.  Amy and I were still standing stunned in the parking lot.

The entire time I watched this go down I couldn’t help but think about two VERY important things.  You might think they involve the safety of my wife, but sadly this was not the case.  First, I was mesmerized by the “Oceans 11” team made up of a really small man and a guy with a beard on crutches.  This team seemed to be straight out of the movie “Bottlerocket,” since you would never picture these people as criminals, much less criminals working together.  Second, I wondered what they stole from Walgreens.  Amy and I were just checking out at the very same time, and it doesn’t seem like they could have robbed the store for money.  Also, Walgreens has begun locking up certain pills so that people cannot steal large quantities to use them to make Meth.  Did they just run in to score a rediculous amount of razors and deoderant?  We both just stood there, although we did break through this trance to get their car’s license plate number.  They might have to go live in a motel outside of town while the heat blows over, so we will have a few more months of safety before they’re looking for another big deoderant job.

So, I can’t say if it was my surprise, fear, or the complete rediculousness of the criminals that held me back from stopping those men.  It takes a moment to determine whether or not it’s a joke or if someone is really robbing a store on crutches… maybe this, in some small way, demonstrates why people don’t prevent crimes from happening more often.


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